MGG Legal has first-class expertise in labor & employment law for companies

A strong track record

Coming from top international law firm, MGG Legal lawyers have kept the same rigorous approach and high level of requirements in terms of quality and responsiveness.

The pragmatic approach of MGG Legal relies on knowing the business of their clients as well as anticipating their expectations, and on understanding economic and social issues at stake. By providing its clients with reliable and business- oriented solutions MGG Legal is a true partner in the decision-making process.

In order to offer effective solutions to clients, MGG Legal makes an estimate of the risks and costs incurred.

MGG Legal understands the importance of providing clients with prompt responses, day-to-day support, and transparent and clear invoicing.

MGG Legal offers its clients tailor-made training to give them confidence in the preparation of their projects.

MGG Legal addresses labor & employment law issues in close coordination with all business law matters and has a network of lawyers, partners and experts (tax, accountancy, strategy, communication, outplacement, payroll, immigration, etc…) which the firm coordinates.

Our Values


Being Proactive