Creation of a website on administrative mistakes and advice to avoid them

On June 4, the French government launched the website “”. This site is aimed at both individuals and companies and lists the most common administrative mistakes and tips to avoid them.

The law of August 10, 2018 for a State in the service of a society of trust (known as “ESSOC”) provides for several measures to improve relations between the public and the administration, in particular through the implementation of a right to make mistakes.

The principle of the right to make mistakes is based on a principle of good faith and confirms the possibility for each French to make a mistake in their declarations to the administration, without risking a sanction as soon as the first mistake is identified, since everyone can fix their mistakes – spontaneously or during an audit – provided it is committed in good faith and for the first time.

On the other hand, fraudsters and repeat offenders cannot benefit from this right to make mistakes, which is also not allowed in case it damages public health, the safety of persons or property or leads to a breach of European and international commitments.