1 st September 2017: New publicity formalities for collective bargaining agreements

All collective bargaining agreements concluded as of the 1 st September 2017 will have to be published on a national database, which will be accessible online.

Through a separate agreement between the employer and a majority of contracting Unions, it is possible to agree that part of the collective bargaining agreement shall not be published. Must be written explicitly in the agreement the reasons which motivated the exclusion.

Up until the 1 st October 2018, by default, and as a temporary measure, the published agreements shall not include the names of the parties.

Following this date, the employer or a Union party to the bargaining agreement can demand that any elements enabling the identification of the negotiators and signing parties be removed. This demand shall have to be communicated when the bargaining agreement is published, or no later than one month after.

During the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement, it is now important to take into account this new publicity formality in order to avoid disclosing confidential or sensitive information.